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Made For More Award 2019

Sportscheck Award

The SportScheck MADE FOR MORE AWARD is the first award show created for sports enthusiasts – for all those who consider sports a way of life.

SportScheck created this new TV awards show to recognize exceptional athletes not only for their winning performance, but also for their personal stories, their ambition, and especially their dedication to causes far from the limelight. With this approach, SportScheck newly defines the German sports award, highlighting that sports are about more than on-field performance, and that players are more than just athletes: They are impressive people with unique stories that make them heroes. SportScheck created the MADE FOR MORE AWARD to recognize them and to tell their stories.

Featured stars included the discus legend Robert Harting, actress Sophia Thomalla, "Tokio Hotel" singer Bill Kaulitz, sportscaster Anna Kraft, and the rapper Eko Fresh. The MADE FOR MORE AWARD 2019 aired on Saturday, February 2, 2019 live at 8:15pm on sport1.

  • Timeslot: SAT 8.15 PM, live
  • Genre: TV-Event
  • Duration: 135 min
  • Produced: Since 2019
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