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Die Comedy Show

Up-and-coming comedians do their thing in 2018 on ProSieben! The cast includes actress Mimi Fiedler, Kevin Gerwin, Kevin Ray and two other comedians who change weekly. During their stand-up routines, they tell five unbelievable and hilarious stories, all accompanied by reenacted scenes. Four of the stories are recounting actual events, while one is completely made up. The audience gets to vote at the end: Will they correctly identify the fabrication?
In addition to Mimi Fiedler, Kevin Gerwin and Kevin Ray, the changing cast of new comedians includes Stefan Danziger, Jacqueline Feldmann, Joyce Ilg, Lena Liebkind, Marcel Mann, Sarah Mangione, Joel von Mutzenbecher, Benni Stark, Der Storb, and Osan Yaran.
The Comedy Show – Saturdays around 10:30PM in February and March 2018 on ProSieben.

  • Timeslot: SAT 10:30 PM
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: 2018
  • ProSieben -
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