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Die Rechthaberer

The Know-It-Alls

Rules and regulations are supposed to be followed, which is why they’re always unambiguous. Or are they? Andreas Vitásek and Ciro DeLuca are on a mission to find out! In the new show “Comedy on Location” on PULS 4, these guys annoy the authorities, pepper them with absurd questions and test Austria’s rules and regulations – always asking, “Is that allowed?” The two comedians come up with ways to test the legal framework and ask interesting as well as quirky questions. Their goal: to find out what’s allowed in Austria, and what isn’t. 

None other than Manfred Ainedter is the comedians’ legal consultant. Dr. Ainedter has an answer for every single one of Vitásek’s und DeLuca’s questions. In the new PULS 4 show, he uses his unique consulting approach to get to the bottom of legal cases that seem impossible to crack. 

Pure Austrian and cheeky: The quirky rule-checking show "Die Rechthaberer" has been aired every Tuesday at 9:40 p.m. on PULS 4, starting August 29, 2017.


  • Timeslot: TUE 9:40 PM
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: 2017
  • PULS4 -
  • Country: Austria
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