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Selfie from Mum

Chris Tall is the shooting star of the German comedy scene. His career began to take off after his first show, “Versetzungsgefährdet” (“In Danger of Failing”). He won several awards, including the RTL Comedy Grand Prix in 2013, then made many appearances on TV. Chris Tall shone as an actor in the 2015 movie “Abschussfahrt“ (“Downhill Ride”), as well as in “Männertag” (“Boys’ Day Out”) in 2016. The Hamburg native is currently on tour with his second solo show, “Selfie from Mom! When Parents Try to Be Cool…,” which aired exclusively on RTL on 11.04.2016.

With his perfect sense of timing, Chris hammers his audience with punch lines and revels in dissecting modern generational conflict. From mothering to Facebook – there’s lots of stress built in! In “Selfie from Mom! When Parents Try to Be Cool…,” Chris Tall is guiding the YouTube generation through the madness of family dynamics. Dad better not grab that smartphone and get lost in the app jungle. And mom better not greet a new friend with “’Sup, sis?”

From recess snack to acne cream, even fringe groups get what’s coming to them: Stand-up for wheelchair riders. #canhedothat? Yes. Because Chris never loses sight of his own fallibility, and he often becomes the target of his own jokes. At the end of a long and very happy evening, everyone in the room knows: Parents are embarrassing. And mom is the simply best!


  • Timeslot: FRI 10:15 PM
  • Genre: Stand-Up Comedy
  • Duration: 90 min (net)
  • Produced: 2016
  • RTL -
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