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Kitchen Nightmares Greece

Efialtis Stin Kouzina

In Greece, Hector Botrini helped run-down establishments transform back into flourishing and healthy restaurants from 2009 - 2012. Humor was his weapon of choice. With a smile on his face he never lost his cool. And that was reason enough for the owners to believe in him and to give their absolute maximum to ensure success. 

Thanks to the Greek version of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, EFIALTIS STIN KOUZINA, the average ratings for Alpha has reached a new all-time high during the broadcasting period. The audience ratings improved from 12.1% to almost 15% in the meantime (15–44).

  • Timeslot: MON 10:00 PM
  • Genre: Cooking Show
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: 2009 - 2012
  • Alpha -
  • Country: Greece
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