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Mega clever!

The NKL-show

This isn't just Clever! – this is Mega Clever! There are hardly any limits placed on the size of the experiments here. And to handle it all, the candidates in the studio are no longer alone but in teams of three. Three famous women fight against three male stars for the right answers.

They're not playing for themselves, however, but for the 36 lottery players behind them. After the show, one of those winners goes home as a new person – a millionaire!

This superlative show has been developed in cooperation with a lottery. Hardly any of the experiments take place on a tabletop – in fact, for some of them, even the studio isn't big enough!

Animals like giraffes, elephants and sheep (in entire herds) plunge the studio into total chaos; showpieces are demonstrated to explain various phenomena in physics, and of course there's no end of action-packed stunts when it comes to answering questions like: "Can a car enter a truck via a ramp and park inside it while both are travelling along?", "Is it possible to escape from a plunging elevator?" or "What's more powerful – a bullet from a gun or a Samurai sword?"

  • Timeslot: Mega clever!
  • Genre: Game Show, Quiz Show
  • Duration:
  • Produced: 2005 - 2007
  • SAT.1
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