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Der König der Kindsköpfe

The Comedy Triathlon of the Year

Mario Barth, Oliver Pocher, and Chris Tall – three giants of comedy. They face off live in a new four-part event show. It’s the ultimate competition: The first three shows feature two of the three comedy superstars dueling it out for the win of the night. The third comedian is not sidelined – quite the opposite! He’s actually hosting that very show, thinking up all the crazy activities and tough challenges his colleagues must face. Mean? Possibly.

Oliver Pocher starts us out with the first live show. Mario Barth hosts show no. 2, and Chris Tall takes on the third one. The winner of a one-on-one episode not only wins the evening’s competition, but also secures a clear advantage for himself in the grand finale on December 22. Whoever wins the triathlon – hosted by none other than Laura Wontorra – wins the series and is crowned King of the Manchildren.

"Der König der Kindsköpfe"  – starting December 1, 2020, four Tuesdays at 8:15 PM on RTL.


  • Timeslot: TUE 8:15 PM
  • Genre: Live Comedy Show
  • Duration: 225 min
  • Produced: 2020
  • RTL -
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