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Guidos Wedding Race

Guido Maria Kretschmer makes wedding day dreams come true

To be married at your own wedding by Guido Maria Kretschmer? For one of three marrying couples this dream can come true. In five stages with one task in each, based on the personal story of the couple, the candidates must prove how well they function together. Guido accompanies the future wedded couple on this journey to happiness for he is the human navigational device at their sides.

The tasks for the bridal couple are varied and tailor-made for them. During the journey they must act out verses of marriage vows written by Guido and recite this by heart as their final task. The one who keeps their nerve and recites the vows flawlessly and the fastest wins the dream wedding day. But before that happens the outfits of the loving couple get one more personal touch from the star designer. Aside from that the bride and groom receive wedding rings especially designed by Guido. He will also give the wedding speech and after the ceremony the married couple can befittingly celebrate their wedding day.

  • Timeslot: MON 8:15 PM
  • Genre: Docutainment
  • Duration: 165 min
  • Produced: 2021
  • VOX
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