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Genial daneben

Nobody can ask nasty questions like he does: Hugo Egon Balder is back to Sat.1 since spring of 2017 with his comedy show, “Genial daneben.” More than 400 episodes aired from 2003 though 2011 – one of the longest runs on Sat.1. 

Under Hugo Egon Balder’s tutelage, Germany’s top comedians face curious, yet also tricky questions from all areas of knowledge.  They must answer the viewer-submitted questions even if they are completely clueless. This time around, the comedians will again do their very best to respond with wit and creativity. As an added bonus in this quirky game, any viewer who sent in a question that was answered insufficiently receives 500 Euros.

  • Timeslot: FRI 9:15 PM
  • Genre: Comedy Panelshow
  • Duration: 60 min (total)
  • Produced: Since 2017
  • SAT.1
  • back
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