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Police in Action

Daily market leader with more than 500 episodes. Beating major quiz formats in afternoon timeslots.

POLICE IN ACTION focuses on real policemen. They are confronted with scripted situations but their actions are authentic. 

Daily we follow the protagonists on their night and day emergencies. Whether it is domestic violence, physically violent arguments, a car accident, juvenile carelessness or simply a confused senior who cannot find back home – the scripted stories originate from the audience’s possible experiences and are based on real stories. 

Each story starts with an emergency call at the police headquarters. Via police radio the policemen are called to the place of action. Until they arrive at the crime spot, the policemen don’t know what to expect, so they have to do some investigation first or react quickly in emergency situations.

Each episode deals with up to 4 self-contained cases. The most interesting and action loaded situations are shown in the best of at the end of the week and have performed perfectly on various time slots. The episodes are repeatable in various time slots.

Constantin Entertainment has successfully produced the format in Czech Republik and Slovakia.

  • Genre: Scripted Reality
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: Since 2017
  • Available: Format, Readymades
  • Timeslot: Daily Daytime or Access Primetime
  • Download: Pitch Deck
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