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Successfully produced in Russia, Hungary and Poland. Daily market leader in access prime time.

DETECTIVES is a Scripted Investigation Documentary series. It covers the gripping cases of a private detective agency. 

The main focus of DETECTIVES lies on realistic topics out of everyday life. These include family drama, blackmail, female issues like marriage impostors, cheating, adultery, run-away teens or custody battles.

Every episode is self-contained. Each case is first presented from the victim’s point of view. The audience gets to know the protagonists, the families and surroundings in a very personal, key-hole type presentation exposing everyone’s deepest secrets. The police are of no help: there may not be legal grounds for an official follow-up, or the officers are unsuccessful with their investigations.

When all hope seems to be lost, the detective agency is contacted and the investigators appear on the scene. In every single case, the investigators are indeed the only resort in the fight for truth and justice. For the detectives, it’s all about using every trick in the book to solve the case. This includes all kinds of investigation like hidden cameras, any state-of-the-art technical equipment, surveillance  or online research. In the end, the detectives always succeed.

Scripted Reality series dealing with private investigation have celebrated international success: DETECTIVI in Russia has been running with high ratings on Channel 1 for many years and two thousand episodes. In Poland MALANOWSKI & PARTNERS was market leader in access prime from 2009 to 2016 on Polsat. Constantin Entertainment has been producing and licensing thousands of episodes and all time repeatable reruns with high ratings since then.

  • Genre: Scripted Reality
  • Duration: 23/45 min
  • Produced: Since 2003
  • Available: Foramt, Readymade
  • Timeslot: Daily Access Primetime
  • Download: Pitch Deck
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