Constantin Entertainment

Family Stories

Market leader in daytime and access primetime. More than 5.000 episodes produced all over Europe. In 2020 still #1 in Poland after 14 seasons!

Most families seem to be very harmonious and peaceful on the outside. But what actually happens behind closed doors?

FAMILY STORIES reveals daily problems, dramas and unknown secrets. Every 45 minute episode tells a complete story, featuring an entirely new cast - all scripted and re-enacted by amateur actors.

Each episode tells a new fascinating but also tragic story from a different troubled family. It deals with its passion, jealousy, tension and drama. The protagonists comment on the action in interview sequences. A voiceover guides the viewer through the story. The viewers learn what problems the protagonists are carrying around with them and how they will manage to overcome their crises. Dynamic action images, filmed by a single camera, support the documentary feeling.

Constantin Entertainment has a high expertise in producing Scripted Documentary. More than 5.000 self-contained episodes have been produced and licensed all over Europe, e.g. in Poland, Greece, Serbia, Germany and Croatia. All episodes are repeatable in any order and perfect for any time slot.

In Poland UKRYTA PRAWDA has been market leader since 2012 with about 1200 episodes in the highly competitive access prime time slot on TVN.

  • Genre: Scripted Reality
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: Since 2005
  • Episodes: mort than 5.000
  • Available: format
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