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Quarantine Comedy Conference

Nine Comedians in Quarantine: Each one respectively at home. Comedians at home!!?

Who would have thought such thing would happen? All of the big shows, venues, sold-out events have been cancelled. Thus comedians have to stay at home.

… home?
…comedians ...sitting .. at home!?
…no way!

What could they possibly do alone all day long on their own?
...without audience!

What is a comedian without his fans?! The QUARANTINE COMEDY CONFERENCE brings in real time and under the same roof the shared fun of nine stuck-at-home-comedians!

In an original state of the art live-studio and online show, our host will challenge nine celebrities. For the very first time ever sharing a same panel. They will offer you the most outstanding funny experience!

An infinity of specific games, cozy and weird situations are waiting for you! Playing songs, performing magic tricks, or whatever they usually do on stage the comedians will from their own flat, perform, react and interact among themselves and with the audience!

When will this go out of control? The QUARANTINE COMEDY CONFERENCE brings the most family-entertaining open and live event of these crazy times on TV.

  • Genre: Live Comedy Show
  • Duration: Weekly 90 min (net)
  • Produced: 2020
  • Available: as format and readymade
  • Download: Pitch Deck
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