Constantin Entertainment

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  Practical Training

  • Our two-year dual practical training program combines practice and theoretical background knowledge.
  • Four to six months of working on our formats in a variety of genres.
  • Theoretical concepts are taught in seminars by experts in the field – organized by Produzentenallianz.
  • Choose from practical training in the area of production and/or the editorial department.
  • Our goal is to hire you as an up-and-coming talent after you complete your practical training!




  • Our instructors, supervisors, employee representatives and the HR department will support you at all times – no matter which apprenticeship you choose:
  • Training in office management
  • Training in audio-visual media administration
  • Training in audio-visual media design
  • Training in IT for system integration
  • Training and hiring – that’s our goal!



  • An internship is your chance to take a look behind the scenes of a variety of TV productions.
  • Choose from the area of production and/or the editorial department.
  • As career orientation (during or after high school) or mandatory internship (while in college).
  • Three to six months in length.
  • Mini-job pay scale.
  • Our goal is to get you even more excited about working in the TV business and support your career choice!



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