With shows like „LOL: Last One Laughing“ (prime video), „Darf er das – Die Chris Tall Show“ (RTL), „Shopping Queen“ (VOX), „K11 – Die neuen Fälle“ (Sat.1) und „Genial oder Daneben“ (Sat.1), Constantin Entertainment guarantees top entertainment with convincing ratings and ranks among the most successful TV production firms in Germany and Europe. Founded in 2001, the company with 300 employees is a subsidiary of the renowned Constantin Film. Under the leadership of general managers Otto Steiner and Onno Müller Constantin Entertainment stands out with innovative, high-quality and cost effective programming in all entertainment genres. Whether it’s a unique event special, primetime show, comedy, fiction, scripted reality or docusoap – Constantin Entertainment works closely with all private and public broadcasters as a trusted production partner.

Constantin Entertainment is headquartered in Munich. Since 2005, the company has developed additional production facilities in Israel, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary, among others. To date, programs in 16 countries have been produced for local broadcasters. Our international facilities brought to the TV screen major global hits like “The Voice,” “Idol,” “Topmodel,” and “Beat Your Host,” as well as docutainment formats including “Come Dine With Me“ and “Kitchen Nightmares.” The transfer of our know-how and expertise ensures productions with highest international quality standards from start to finish. Licenses for TV programs developed by Constantin Entertainment have been sold around the world.

Many of Constantin Entertainment’s programs are prizewinners: “Shopping Queen” (VOX) was awarded the German Television Prize for Best Docutainment in 2014. “Kaya Live! All Inclusive” was awarded the German Comedy Prize in 2013 for Best TV Solo Program. In the following year, Kaya Yanar was also able to take home the German Comedy Prize for Best Comedian. Moreover, two of our formats were awarded the German Television Prize for Best Entertainment: “Clever! Die Show, die Wissen schafft” (Sat.1, 2005) and “Stellungswechsel: Job bekannt, fremdes Land” (kabel eins/Sat.1, 2011). In 2007, the game show “Extreme Activity” (ProSieben) won the prestigious Grimme Prize for Best Show of the Year.

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