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Lectii De Viata

Family Stories in Romania

For many people, the family is a reliable source of support and safety in the turmoil of everyday life. But few families are spared from having to endure severe blows of fate. “Lectii de Viata” is a scripted reality show with documentary elements. Each episode presents a family in times of great despair, which tests the stability of their family life. Authentic stories presented by amateur actors convey true-to-life emotions and experiences.
“Lectii de Viata” always tells new stories of family drama and conflicts in closed plots. Twists of fate cause families’ worlds to fall apart before their very eyes and ignite heated debates: The son falls in love with a stripper who is just after his money, or the new, young wife of the father causes family members to turn on each other. The audience shares the protagonists’ joys and sorrows as they struggle to make their way out of the crisis.
“Lectii de Viata” – emotional stories from everyday life. With ratings of up to 19.9% among the target audience, “Lectii de Viata” has become Romania’s market leader in the weekly 3 PM timeslot. Thanks to its great success, 360 episodes of “Lectii de Viata” has been produced by the end of 2018. Currently the fifth season is on air.

  • Timeslot: MON-FRI 3:00 PM
  • Genre: Scripted Reality
  • Duration: 45 min (net)
  • Produced: Since 2014
  • ProTV -
  • Country: Romania
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